1' color and sound, 2017
1 - Birth of Gaspard

Gaspard, " The one who comes to see ", has his beginnings during a general itching.
A divine hand, on which a button appears, anonymous hands shake to speed up
the childbirth process. The button hatches, producing a milky way, let out by the thing it contains.
Gaspard is born. He is a pharmaceutical character, with tender ills, a condition characterises 
with a complete physical and moral depression. A certain disgust for himself.
The melancholy of the farewells from the placenta. The fear of starting a life.
  1" color and sound, 2018
2 - The smell of Gaspard 

- " Gaspard opens his mouth " ,
Gaspard's fetid breath emanates, the divine nose breathes it in. It's just a smell of death, the perfume of a negative, dusty existence.In a hare fur, blessed existence animal, divine hands go back in time by scratching.
Recover the lost smell. The hands end up on a lunar crater created in the skin. Organic swarms of moths, are activated, the divine hands hasten to scratch again, to chase away the moths, and the myths that remain stuck in the skin, to a history of smells that no longer exists. So that the being Gaspard, do not is not lead to olfactory silence.

  1" color and sound, 2018

Gaspard suffers from a deformation of the thyroid gland, due to a lack of expression.
Expression disorders caused by an accumulation of unsaid in the throat.
Difficulties of expulsion, elimination of words, units carrying sounds, meanings, to which is linked a great importance. Gaspard is embarrassed by all these things.Repetitive throat clearances, speech failure.
Sudden exhalation to rid the gland of the chrysalis. Here it represent an eminently transient state between two stages of becoming, the duration of a maturation. It implies the renunciation of a certain past, 
and the acceptance of a new state, a condition for fulfilment. Advance the release of words.