" Instead I wrote on a rock " color and sound 3D animation video 7’47’’,  2021
It revolves around a future island, specifically around the dystopian island, what they may be in we don't know how long it could be in a thousand or four thousand years.
It stages the crossing of great distances in time and space, transitions between the animal and mineral kingdoms, and encounters between personal desires and mysterious forces.
In this island the possibilities of communication between worlds are explored, with an absence of proof, because the civilisation sought in question, or the world is absent, out of reach, the object of the investigation is invisible. With a primitive beauty of the landscape, one returns to a time, where beings appear in the middle of a jungle practicing solitary sexual activities, or in groups, specific to their civilisation, or one goes to another time, the travelers of this island do not know it any more, but the most important is why exactly, one arrives at this island. Then the film invites us to remember that the cry of one man could turn into a wave, causing the others to howl.
This video would trait about the darkest derivations of the human condition, from territorial to social and psychological issues, giving a transversal perspective on contemporary challenges.

“Instead I wrote on a rock ”, installation view
 29/06>02/07 2021 , Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence (IT)

photo credits : Camilla Riccò

" Whole island catalog " color and sound video 2'17", 2021
A retro-game video offers a guided tour to a dystopian sanitized island, informing us about protocol to follow. As a sort of out of order database, the electronic voice is asking us questions looking for new languages and life forms, as a nostalgic archive affected by melancholy for an extinct world. The video game acts as an interlocutor that can contribute to the reconstruction of the events from our present to the future.

“Instead I wrote on a rock ”, installation view
29/06>02/07 2021 , Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence (IT)

Detail of the fabric, reflective fabric ( Reflex TQ )

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