Fond Perdu, single-channel video, color and sound, 1920×1080

This project revolves around a fictional continent projected into the distant future, which studies climatic emotions, in a post-anthropocene world. The story takes place in an imaginary world in which a long-announced ecological disaster has occurred, the landscapes are built around a strange and atemporal universe, almost between death and life, inspired by the collective imagination and science fiction, bringing together images from disparate sources.
In this narrative anticipation, humanity is plunged into a long state of semi-consciousness, that studies the evolution of feelings, emotions in the face of climate change, the remaining survivors find themselves suffering from a mysterious mass that develops inside their bodies. The origin of this mass comes from the negologism create “terrakholia” which means the sadness linked to the impossibility of remembering the Earth. When a human is touched by this feeling, a physical change occurs through the eyes, ears and touch, where the border between reality is not very distinct with the interweaving of multiple temporalities.
The vision is changed by this mass, it affects the landscape, flashes are repeated,
like a horizon that never arrives. It allows the viewer to understand the acclimatization of these new forms of life, this landscape shows its constant mutability and its power of
transformation, which allows a survival through the collective memory of the old world.

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